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The Hotel

Hotel Bitzaro

The Bitzaro Hotel welcomes you to the Zakynthos capital with 4-star facilities, a convenient location and the renowned Greek hospitality style.

With its unique sense of history and place, the hotel aims to provide genuine heartfelt hospitality that will engrave a unique experience in the heart and mind of every guest.

This jewel of our Bitzaro family hotels was meticulously just reconstructed to pay tribute to its storied past and offers exceptional personal experiences for its guests. Talented young designer, Eirini Laskaridou, undertook the renovation project, giving the hotel a modern, fresh, minimalistic flair, which, however, echoes its glorious past.

Open year-round, the brand new Bitzaro boutique Hotel, uncompromising service and central location pay homage to its rich heritage with timeless elegance and renewed civility.

We invite you to join us for your next getaway, whether for just a night in the quiet of winter or a weeklong vacation in the bustling summer months.

It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Bitzaro.


About us

From Past To Present

When Panagiotis Giatras, an entrepreneurial spirit with great love for his place but also with a passion for business, built his first hotel in the capital town of Zakynthos island in 1981, he named it "Bitzaro Hotel" to honour the nickname his fellow citizens had given him.

Nicknames are a common practice among natives of the islands who are renowned to the rest of Greece for their mischievous and teasing character. And Bitzaro or Bizzarro in Italian was given to Panagiotis, who was teased as an eccentric due to his meticulous devotion to detail and obsessive cleanliness.

Since then, Bitzaro created two more establishments, more or less one every ten years. Today, his ascendants are the proud owner of three of the best hotels the island has to offer that are managed by the founder's children and grandchildren.